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30 Jun 2011

A June Round-up of What’s Happening out in the World of Transition

Hillbrook School, Brisbane, Australia

Local Transition groups put in a strong showing at Hillbrook school's local Sustainability Day, Brisbane, Australia.

It’s time for the monthly roundup of all things Transition from across the globe.   We’ll start down under in Brisbane, Australia where a Sustainability Day was held at a school in Hillbrook. The all-day event included music, speakers, practical demonstrations and workshops. Local Transition groups were one of many represented at the event which encouraged people to connect, enjoy and celebrate the school’s 25th year.

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9 Jun 2011

French Connection: a report on the acceleration of Transition in France

Here’s a guest blog from Naresh Giangrande on his recent trip to France.

Snow capped mountains and broad fertile valleys, welcome to Trieves; a region of France in the foothills of the Alps above Provence, and the host for the first major French gathering of Transition Initiatives. You won’t find Trieves on any map, and even Google seems not to know of its existence, however there is a strong local identity centred around ecological awareness, and it come as no surprise that it is the host of this, France’s first Transition conference. It is place of small holdings and many young people returning to the land.

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3 May 2011

An April Round-up of What’s Happening out in the World of Transition

Nelson Mandela Bay Transition Network's ‘introduction to food gardening workshop’

It’s time to share news of all those wonderful Transition activities that you busy Transitioners have been up to this past month…  The first alert – in case you haven’t already heard – is to tell you that the Transition Network is now on Facebook…have a look!  Starting the rounds down in Australia, Transition Town Triangle Plus and Clean Energy for Eternity recently held a meeting to set out a ground breaking plan developed by Beyond Zero Emissions to move Australia’s energy systems on to renewable technologies in just 10 years… you can do it!

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17 Mar 2011

New film pilot looks at backyard food growing in Lewes

Here’s a pilot for a TV programme called ‘Growing Communities’, produced and directed by Sara Proudfoot Clinch which “gives you a glimpse at how to grow your own community from meeting the Transition Town Lewes group who are learning to live without fossil fuels, to community allotments, to bee keeping in the church yard, to keeping chickens in a tiny back garden of a town house”.

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1 Mar 2011

Happy Birthday Transition Heathrow!

Here’s a beautiful film about what happens when Transition meets activism, brought a tear to my eye.  Happy birthday Transition Heathrow.

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