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29 Jun 2007

Buy a Totnes Pound and Help Maximise Its Potential.

tpThe Totnes Pound project is now launched, and is, by all accounts, doing rather well. 10,000 notes have been printed and will be sold into circulation, and rather nice they are too. They have all kinds of security features, UV light, heat sensitive ink and so on, and it will be seen if and how they become truly adopted as the currency of choice in the town. Apart from some financial help with the printing of the notes, the Totnes Pound initiative is unfunded, and entirely dependent on volunteer input. For people outside the town who would like to get their hands on some of these historic notes, we have put together a **Presentation Pack**, comprising a Totnes Pound note and a copy of the detailed information leaflet about the scheme, which we can offer for sale here at **Transition Culture**. Simply click the Totnes Pound link to the right or click here. The funds generated will be well used maximising the potential of the scheme. For an insight into the potential of such a scheme, you might enjoy this short film about Berkshares in the US. Get your hands on a piece of history!

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28 Jun 2007

The 12 Steps of Transition – The Movie(s).

**The 12 Steps of Transition** are really central to the whole Transition process, and have been documented here in the past. Now, thanks to Alex Munslow’s inexhaustable one-man editing empire, we can now present two films which, combined, present the 12 Steps in all their glory, using material from the TN event in Nailsworth. The first one (above) is of Steps 1-6, and the second (below) is Steps 7-12. Combined they hopefully take you on a journey through the steps that can be assembled in a variety of ways to get your Transition process going successfully. Many thanks to Alex for making these available. Where would we be without YouTube? Who ever needs television ever again? (indeed, who ever needed it in the first place?).

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27 Jun 2007

The Importance of Resilience and the History of Totnes – a Short Film.

Alex Munslow has been editing again, doing marvellous things with the footage he took at the Inaugural Transition Network meeting a few weeks back. This time, he has taken a section out of the talk I gave which focuses on resilience, and on the historical resilience that used to underpin the UK that we have largely dismantled, and made a short film out of it, which you can now see on YouTube. Just click on the image above, and off I go!

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26 Jun 2007

Transition Towns Going Virally Viral.

gmThis whole Transition thing is really quite extraordinary. I spent a morning last week at a TTT Project Support group meeting, getting a sense of all that is happening in the various projects, it is quite amazing. Then I got back to see an email from Ben Brangwyn, who co-ordinates the Network, with a list of all the communities who have been in touch and who are ‘mulling over’ becoming a Transition Initiative, eyewatering. It was over 90 towns, in addition to the 17 who are now already officially Transition Initiatives. And this from there only being two (Totnes and Kinsale) last September. The momentum is growing and feels really quite unstoppable.

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25 Jun 2007

Second Release of the Totnes Pound Launched!

tpThis week sees the release of the new edition of **Totnes Pounds**. The Totnes Pound is an initiative of Transition Town Totnes, and follows on from the first pilot scheme which ended at the end of May, in which 300 notes were put into circulation. The first notes, one side of which carried a facsimile of an 1810 Totnes bank note, were very popular, with shops, businesses, shopkeepers and tourists alike. The main findings from the research that was done upon its completion were that the notes were too big, there weren’t enough of them, and many people kept them as souvenirs rather than spend them. The new notes have been designed to overcome many of these problems.

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