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13 Jul 2011

The evolving Transition ingredients card game

At my workshop at the Transition Network conference I tried out a new teaching tool for Transition initiatives, a deck of cards designed around the ‘Ingredients of Transition’, as set out in the forthcoming ‘The Transition Companion’.  On one side of the cards is a photo that captures the spirit of the ingredient and its name, and on the other side is the problem the ingredient is a response to and the solution it represents. 

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16 Jun 2011

Transition as Cookery: my presentation at the 2011 Tagore Festival

A couple of months ago I did a talk at the Tagore Festival at Dartington which eschewed Powerpoint and used objects sent in by Transition groups to tell the story of how Transition unfolds.  I really enjoyed it.  Here it is:

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11 May 2011

Ingredients of Transition: Education for Transition

Members of Transition Edinburgh University do something interesting in some woods somewhere to celebrate 10:10:10...

Here is the very final additional ingredient for ‘The Transition Companion’.  It is still in draft form, so I’d really appreciate your thoughts, comments, or interesting case studies of things your initiative is up to…  Thanks.  My thanks to Isabel Carlisle for her input with this ingredient…

How can education, at all levels, best contribute to the Transition process, building resilient individuals, resilient communities and resilient institutions?

“Sustainability is about the terms and conditions of human survival, and yet we still educate at all levels as if no such crisis existed”.

David Orr.

The future that young people and those in further education are currently being educated for is not the future that is, in reality, approaching.  The failure of government, and of much of the education system , to put resilience and sustainability central to their planning and teaching means that a whole generation is being prepared for business as usual while deep down most young people, and their teachers, know that the reality will be very different.  This is a woeful neglect of duty.

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17 Jan 2011

Organising Regional Gatherings: an excellent new resource

Transition Support Scotland have just produced a really good booklet called ‘How to organise a Regional Gathering’.  You can download it here.  Forming regional networks was explored here recently as one of the ‘Ingredients of Transition’, and this new guide offers a detailed overview of how to make regional gatherings memorable and successful.  Also, for anyone in Cornwall, you may like to be part of an event the 4th – 6th March called Reviewing and Re-imagining Transition in Cornwall, you can download a flyer about the event here.

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7 Jan 2011

Ingredients of Transition: Personal Resilience

Cllr Christopher Wellbelove, Mayor of Brixton, goes Christmas shopping with Brixton Pounds.


The concept of resilience works on a range of levels, not just that of community resilience.  Personal resilience is vital to sustaining both our own and our initiative’s MOMENTUM (3.6) and helping us to deal with POST PETROLEUM STRESS DISORDER (1.1).

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