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7 Jan 2011

Ingredients of Transition: Personal Resilience

Cllr Christopher Wellbelove, Mayor of Brixton, goes Christmas shopping with Brixton Pounds.


The concept of resilience works on a range of levels, not just that of community resilience.  Personal resilience is vital to sustaining both our own and our initiative’s MOMENTUM (3.6) and helping us to deal with POST PETROLEUM STRESS DISORDER (1.1).

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16 Apr 2010

Are Transition Towns Healthy Towns?

janetAt a recent conference, organised by the Peninsula Public Health Teaching Network at Buckfast Abbey titled “Promoting Health: transforming lives – transforming communities”, Janet Richardson, Professor of Health Service Research, Faculty of Health of the University of Plymouth gave a talk about healthcare aspects of Transition.  As someone active in Transition Town Totnes she gave an overview of current projects underway in the town, and asked the question “do healthier communities become Transition communities, or does becoming a Transition community lead to increasing health and wellbeing?”  She also raises powerful questions about the tension between top down/ bottom up processes…  You can see her presentation here (it’s not formatted in a way that can be embedded).

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27 Mar 2009

A Second Chance to Watch (and Record) ‘A Farm for the Future’

Many people got in touch with Transition Network to ask how they could get copies of Rebecca Hosking’s seminal ‘A Farm for the Future’ programme.  It can be viewed on Video Google now, but it is proving tricky for us to distribute copies of the film.  You may therefore be interested to know that due to popular demand, the programme is being screened for a second time on BBC2 Saturday 4th April at 5.20pm.  Set the recorder, and enjoy this wonderful programme a second time.

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26 Mar 2009

A CBC Podcast Featuring Peak Oil, Transition Town Totnes and Robert Hirsch

Meribeth Dean from Canada visited Totnes a while ago to research an audiopiece for the programme Dispatches for the Canadian Broadcasting Company.  The podcast of the programme is now available online here.  It also contains an interview with Robert Hirsch.  It’s rather good, give it a listen. The programme starts with Hirsch and then moves into the Totnes piece.  I particularly like being referred to as ‘thin’ and ‘in his late 30’s’ (I’m 40).

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22 May 2008

“How Are We Doing?”: TTT Takes a Pause to Catch Up With Itself

posterOn Wednesday night, on the same night as the rather wonderful Champions League Final (which some idiot timetabled for the same night.. oops it was me… doh) and on the evening oil began touching $135 a barrel, Transition Town Totnes held an evening called “How Are We Doing?”, an opportunity for TTT to update the community on how it is doing, and on all the range of activities and projects underway, as well as getting feedback. In the event over 100 people came, and the evening was very positive and constructive.

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