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11 Jan 2013

New research focuses on Haddenham in Transition


Mallika Bhattacharya, a student at Oxford Brookes University, has recently published a research paper called “An Investigation of the Transition Movement as a Model for Sustainable Development: ‘Haddenham in Transition’” (click on the link to download).  Haddenham is a village in Buckinghamshire of about 8,000 residents, about 16 miles from Oxford.  The research looked at the group’s work, and the level of awareness of its work across the community.  The study aims to find out how aware and involved Haddenham residents are with Transition activities, what their priorities are for the village and what changes they would like to see, the Transition group’s current and planned activities and successes and issues within the initiative.  It’s a very useful piece of research with some useful insights for other initiatives.

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3 Oct 2012

A September Round-up of What’s Happening out in the World of Transition

Let’s start this month’s round up in Australia.  Transition Sydney also recently held an event about social enterprise and reviving local economies through resilience-building, entitled the ‘Living Economies Forum’, with a great range of speakers.  Here is the poster.  One of them was Michael Shuman, and here is his excellent talk, called “Building Resilient Local Economies through Local Investment”:

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19 Sep 2012

A write-up of the 2012 Transition Network conference. The best yet.

Transition folks from around the world gathered last weekend at Battersea Arts Centre for the 6th annual Transition Network conference.  In a week when the Arctic ice reached its smallest ever extent, scientists warned that the world’s weather could be on the verge of running amok and it was suggested that Saudi Arabia, always meant to be the ‘swing producer’ on whom the rest of the world could depend for reliable oil supplies, may become a net importer of oil by 2030, the theme of the conference was, appropriately, ‘Building resilience in extraordinary times’.  Unlike previous conferences which had spanned two, perhaps three days, this was, in effect, a 6 day ‘Festival of Transition’, and it turned out to be an extraordinary event which deeply affected those attending.

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30 May 2012

Brazilian Transition magazine launched!

Here is a great new development, the first edition of a Brazilian Transition magazine, ‘Em Transição’.   Very exciting. I can’t tell you much more about it other than to say have a look at it below.  It has a recipe for a soup with chives in, and all kinds of great stuff by the looks of it, congratulations to all involved.

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1 May 2012

An April Round-up of What’s Happening out in the World of Transition

Let’s start with something I came across on YouTube, the caption just says “We are students from 4th of ESO and we are in a project about Transition Towns. Hope you like it 🙂 !”  Turns out it is the students from the High School Joan Segura i Valls, in Santa Coloma de Queralt (Catalonia) (see right) who did a project on Transition (they talked to Rob Hopkins by Skype), set up Transition Santa Colomba, and are going great guns.  After they finished their school project, they were given a video camera.  What did they come up with?

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