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23 May 2012

The ‘Leaky Bucket’ animation from ‘In Transition 2.0’

Here, as a stand-alone film clip which you might hopefully put on your Facebook pages, email to everyone you know and generally share in the many ways we now can, is the much-celebrated ‘Leaky Bucket’ animation from ‘In Transition 2.0’.  Check out the film’s dedicated website for DVD ordering information and much more.  Enjoy.

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9 May 2012

Rebecca Mayes ‘The Lights’ is now released as a single!

A while ago here we posted the video to Rebecca Mayes’ song ‘The Lights’, her beautiful song written for the closing credits of ‘In Transition 2.0’ (the one everyone goes out after the film singing).  I am delighted to announce that the song is today released as a single, and is now available via. iTunes.  Here is what Rebecca says about it: “I’ve registered it with the UK charts so if enough of us buy it this week we’ll get into the top 40! If you’re outside the UK try and buy it through a UK distributor so it will count towards the charts. All proceeds go to the Transition Network.  Tell your friends, family and local radio stations! Thanks so much for watching the video which has had over 3,000 hits – if you missed it first time you can check it out below.

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1 May 2012

An April Round-up of What’s Happening out in the World of Transition

Let’s start with something I came across on YouTube, the caption just says “We are students from 4th of ESO and we are in a project about Transition Towns. Hope you like it 🙂 !”  Turns out it is the students from the High School Joan Segura i Valls, in Santa Coloma de Queralt (Catalonia) (see right) who did a project on Transition (they talked to Rob Hopkins by Skype), set up Transition Santa Colomba, and are going great guns.  After they finished their school project, they were given a video camera.  What did they come up with?

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1 May 2012

Reflections on the first Spanish Transition conference

A couple of weeks ago, 150 people from across Spain gathered in Zarzalejo for the country’s first Transition gathering.  By all accounts it was an extraordinary event.  This post draws together various accounts of the event, and photos from it (a film is soon to follow), but we start with a short interview with Emilio Mula who attended the event.  How was it?  Who came? How is the emergence of Transition in Spain looking?  How did he leave the event feeling?

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24 Apr 2012

‘In Transition 2.0’ reviewed by Charlotte Du Cann for STIR magazine

In an abandoned lot in Pittsburgh a boy is selling lettuce. Down Tooting High Street a carnival is in full swing. In a village in Portugal two men are walking in a field beside horses. In a fire station in Moss Side a film preview is taking place: “There was silence. You could have heard a pin drop.  And then a sound, kind of like a pin dropping. There it is again. And again, many times in rapid succession. Then silence. Nothing.”  This is Joel Prittie, writing about his experiences previewing  the film, In Transition 2.0, simultaneously with eleven other initiatives worldwide in February. He’s telling us how the machine jammed, how he resolved the dilemma, and how everyone cheered at the end.

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