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4 Jul 2012

A June Round-up of What’s Happening out in the World of Transition

Let’s start this month’s round-up in the UK, in Cheltenham.  Transition Town Cheltenham have been making some gorgeous short films recently.  In the last roundup we shared the one about Ken and his allotment.  This month, firstly, Ivor, Remi and Leon talk us through the chickens in their garden, and their 8-person cargo bike:

… and secondly, a short film about In Stitches, who held their The Big Knit event at the Global Footsteps Cafe. A beautiful film about the power of knitting to build community:

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28 Jun 2012

A second Sneak Peek from ‘In Transition 2.0’: Transition Monteveglio, Italy.

Here is a second Sneak Peek from ‘In Transition 2.0’.  The full film (with subtitles in 16 languages!) is available on DVD here, and it is quite fantastic.  Today’s Sneak Peek tells the inspirational story of Transition Monteveglio in Italy, one of my favourite parts of the film. In terms of upcoming screenings, Transition Hythe are showing it on July 4th, the same night it is showing at the Port Philip EcoCentreTransition Pittsburgh showed it last night, Transition Town Guildford in Australia are showing it on July 8th,  An NTSC version of the DVD is now available from Transition US. Please put it on Facebook and send the link to your friends…

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27 Jun 2012

‘In Transition 2.0’ and ‘The Transition Companion’ reviewed

Here is a review by Caspar Walsh, from the latest edition of Resurgence magazine, of the film ‘In Transition 2.0’ and of ‘The Transition Companion‘.  

This dual review looks at the new documentary from film-maker Emma Goude and the pairing of it with the latest paperback offering from Transition co-founder Rob Hopkins. The Transition movement offers one possible solution to the problems and challenges arising from peak oil and climate change. It does this through a series of initiatives focused on the self-motivated rebuilding and reskilling of communities across the globe. It is an extraordinary worldwide movement giving rise to an ever-growing list of amazing and inspiring grass roots projects. And this latest book and film demonstrate that this 21st-century global phenomenon continues to expand and thrive.

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14 Jun 2012

A day at Bristol Big Green Week (with presentations by Tim Smit, Kevin McCloud and Rob Hopkins)

I spent a very enjoyable day at Bristol Green Week yesterday. Green Week is a celebration of green ideas and thinking in Bristol, which has featured a wildly eclectic mix of talks, workshops, music, comedy, films, walks and much more. I arrived midway through the week’s festivities, to participate in two events. The first was a screening of ‘In Transition 2.0’, shown as the third in a series of films under the somewhat uninspiring banner of ‘Documentary Evidence’. Apparently Monday’s had attracted 30 people, and Tuesday’s just 4, so it was suggested that I might want to temper my expectations in terms of attendance. In the end over 40 people came, and the whole thing went really well.

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7 Jun 2012

A sneak peek from ‘In Transition 2.0’: The Green Valley Grocer and the Handmade Bakery

In Transition 2.0 is being shown all over the place and getting great responses.  For example, it’s being shown at Big Green Week in Bristol on Wednesday 13th June (I’ll be introducing it), in Avalon NSW in Australia on June 24th, in Newcastle (Australia) on the 26th, in Honiton on June 20th, in Nuneaton on June 19th, in Highgate on June 19th, Berkhamsted on 27th June and at Transition Heathrow tonight, which producer Emma Goude will be attending.  We’d love to hear your stories about your screenings and how they went  (you could leave a comment below).  Here is one of two Sneak Peeks from the film (available on DVD here), telling the stories of the Green Valley Grocer and the Handmade Bakery in Slaithwaite.

Also, here is a random selection of posters from screenings of the film around the world:

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