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1 May 2012

My TEDxExeter talk: ‘My town in Transition’

A couple of weeks ago I spoke at TedxExeter, a fantastic occasion with many great speakers (have a look at their website as more and more of the films from the day go online).  I spoke for the first time in detail about Totnes as a case study, and what, after 6 years, we can draw from the experience of Transition Town Totnes.  I hope you enjoy it.

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27 Apr 2012

A report on ‘Peak Money and Economic Resilience’, a Transition Network one-day conversation

A while ago, Transition Network held a ‘Thinky Day’ around the Big Society and how Transition might best respond to that.  These bringings together of people to explore the ‘edge’ of Transition are very useful, and yesterday saw the next one, entitled ‘Peak Money and Economic Resilience: a Transition Network one-day conversation’, held at the offices of Calouste Gulbenkian in London.  About 50 people came together to explore the scale of the economic challenges we are facing, what Transition is already doing to respond to that, and what else it might do, or how it might adapt what it does to be more appropriate to these fast-changing times.  I will attempt here to provide a record of the day and of the key discussion points that emerged.  Any misrepresentations due to my note-taking are entirely my own doing…

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4 Apr 2012

A March Round-up of What’s Happening out in the World of Transition

Our thanks to Gerd Wessling, co-ordinator of the German hub, for the following story from Germany:

“Sunday May 13th 2012 will be declared “In Transition 2.0 film and information day” in Germany, Austria and Switzerland!  We kindly ask all German, Swiss & Austrian Transition initiatives to self-organize screenings of the movie at that date in their regions/towns/cities.  More info for the organizers (in German) & about the coordination here.

A screening in Bielefeld is already fixed; see details here.  We would love to generate a lot of broad, positive reviews and excitement about the movie and Transition in general at that date in the German-speaking region(s) of the world”.

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3 Apr 2012

Lee Brain reflects on his testimony at the Northern Gateway Pipeline Review

The last Transition round-up featured the film of Lee Brain’s testimony at the Northern Gateway Pipeline Joint Review Panel in Prince Rupert, which has already been watched nearly 45,000 times.  In the last part of my interview with Lee, I wanted to know how that had come about, what had happened since, and whether the response to it had taken him by surprise.

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2 Apr 2012

Transition Prince Rupert: “The first question should always be “how are we going to work together?” rather than “what are we going to do?”

“We’re on a mission here now with this group.  We all are co-ordinated and there’s something powerful about having fifteen people completely dedicated to the degree where we all know we’re going to do absolutely what it takes to make this happen in our community”.

Transition Prince Rupert, in British Columbia, Canada, launches its website today. Nothing extraordinary about that you might say.  But the process that led to it, and its contents, are a story worth telling.  The interview I did recently with Lee Brain, a young man who is one of the group’s founders, was one of the most inspiring I have yet published here at Transition Culture.  So inspiring in fact that it is, in effect, this month’s Transition podcast.  In today’s installment, he gives a fascinating taste of what it looks like when an emerging Transition group gives over some time to getting the foundations of its work as solid as possible before proceeding any further.  Here is the interview:

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