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30 Mar 2012

Lee Brain on engaging young people in Transition

You’ll remember Lee from the last Transition round-up, the young man in Prince Rupert in Canada who spoke out at a hearing about a proposed pipeline, and who is also active in founding Transition Prince Rupert.  I recently interviewed him, and the content of that will emerge in a three separate pieces over the next few days. Originally it was to be part of the March podcast, but it was so interesting, that they will replace this month’s podcast.  To start with though, here are his thoughts when I asked him how he thought Transition initiatives might best engage more young people (Lee is 26).

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14 Feb 2012

It’s the February podcast – the Bristol Pound, resilience surveys and a Transition newspaper!

This month’s Transition podcast takes a deeper look at some of the best stories from last month’s roundup of what’s happening in Transition, at the latest developments with the Bristol Pound which grabbed the headlines this week, ahead of its formal launch at the end of May, at the work of Jamaica Plain New Economy Transition in the US who recently carried out a ‘resilience survey’ among the local community, and catches up on the recent developments with Transition Network’s ‘Social Reporters‘ project, and their plans to create the first Transition Newspaper!

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27 Jan 2012

Five questions for Emma Goude, producer of ‘In Transition 2.0’

It’s less than a week to go until ‘In Transition 2.0’ is previewed in each of the places whose stories appear in the film.  For example, it will be previewed in a fire station in Moss Side in Manchester, a community centre in Lyttelton in New Zealand that was one of only a few buildings there to survive the earthquake (their screening starts at 9am), a Hindu temple in Tooting in London, a ‘Cinema Paradiso’ in a village in rural India, and in a village hall in Japan (see here for the full list of previews).  I caught up with producer Emma Goude to ask her 5 quick questions about the film.

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20 Jan 2012

It’s the January podcast – award winning markets, 60,000 trees and cardboard cafes!

Here is the January Transition podcast, lovingly spliced together in order to offer a more in depth look at three of the stories from last month’s round-up.  You’ll hear about how Transition Chesham’s local produce market was recently voted the greenest market in Britain, how Transition Town Whitehead are planning to plant 60,000 trees over the next few weeks, and how Transition Town Shrewsbury stepped in when the local council announced that it was stopping collecting cardboard for recycling, and did it themselves.  I hope you enjoy it, and do let us know what you think.

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15 Dec 2011

It’s the December Transition podcast! Community energy companies, farms and resource centres!

It’s time for the second monthly Transition podcast, in which we return to November’s ‘Round-up of What’s Happening out in the World of Transition‘ and go into more depth on three of the stories it contained.  Do let us know of any stories you think should feature in the next one.  This month we look at:

  • Transition Norwich’s Farmshare CSA project, interviewing one of its founders standing in the very field where the CSA is based and hearing the joys and the realities of running such a scheme
  • Bath and West Community Energy‘s recent share launch which raised £721, 350!  Find out their plans, the story so far and their very ambitious plans for energy generation in their area
  • Transition Llambed (Lampeter) who have just taken on a 20 year lease from their local council for their local hall, and have great plans to turn it into a Transition resource centre and farmers’ market.

At just over 15 minutes in length it’s rich with stories, inspiration and the voices of people out there doing Transition on the ground.  You can play it here, or download it to listen to on the train, while you’re cooking, or out running.  We do advise against listening to it whilst swimming though, on health and safety grounds.  Do let us know what you think….

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