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1 Feb 2012

A January Round-up of What’s Happening out in the World of Transition

Let’s start this month’s round up in Derbyshire, where Melbourne Area Transition have received planning permission to install 48 PV panels on the roof of their local 12th century church, and there they now sit, in their energy-generating splendour.  Here’s a short film made by Chris Bird (author of the Transition book ‘Local Sustainable Homes’ who blogs here) where MAT’s Graham Truscott gives him a tour of the roof.

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20 Jan 2012

It’s the January podcast – award winning markets, 60,000 trees and cardboard cafes!

Here is the January Transition podcast, lovingly spliced together in order to offer a more in depth look at three of the stories from last month’s round-up.  You’ll hear about how Transition Chesham’s local produce market was recently voted the greenest market in Britain, how Transition Town Whitehead are planning to plant 60,000 trees over the next few weeks, and how Transition Town Shrewsbury stepped in when the local council announced that it was stopping collecting cardboard for recycling, and did it themselves.  I hope you enjoy it, and do let us know what you think.

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7 Oct 2011

Transition Toronto’s winning film! ‘The people in my neighbourhood’

Transition Toronto recently held a film competition for people to use film as a way of communicating Transition.  The winner was Mariko Uda with her film ‘The People in my Neighbourhood’.  Rather lovely it is too.  Here it is:

The judge, Gregory Greene, producer of ‘The End of Suburbia’, said of why he chose this film as the winner:

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22 Sep 2011

A Story of Transition in 10 Objects: Number 3. Part of an old gas lamp

Here is the third film in the ‘Story of Transition in 10 objects’ series, this time looking at a part from an old Victorian gas lamp from Malvern. You will be able to read more about this, and many other Transition stories, in the forthcoming ‘The Transition Companion’.

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27 Jul 2011

A July Round-up of What’s Happening out in the World of Transition

Let’s start with Transition Town Kingston in Surrey who ventured out  on bikes and skateboards to celebrate a Zero Carbon day which included a fossil- fuel free time trial. Here is their report of the event, here’s a report from the local paper, and here’s a video about what they got up to:

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